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Saturdays 10-11am at Memorial City Mall.


Saturdays 9-10:30am at Sugar Land Ice & Sports


“providing an on-ice experience for individuals with disabilities”

STARskaters.org is a USOC Paralympic Sport Club and was founded by Sugar Land, Texas businessman Jim O’Neill in 2008.  The organization is comprised of Houston area volunteers, many of whom are hockey players, skating instructors, figure skaters, coaches and officials.

STARskaters has already developed two players who have been placed at the US National Sled Hockey team level and invite any interested players, at either the social, developmental or competitive level to join us on the ice Saturdays at 10am at Ice Skate USA at Memorial City Mall. 

STARskaters.org is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which provides three main programs.

  1. Sled Hockey

  2. Skate Therapy

  3. STAR skates

See the links above for details on each of these programs.

And, If you know of anyone who could benefit from any of the STARskaters programs, contact us at skate@STARskaters.org

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STARskaters founder Jim O’Neill with USA National Team member and STARskaters alumnus Kyle Huckaby (L) and 2014 Olympic Gold Medalists Jen Lee, Taylor Lipsett, Andy Yohe and Rico Roman at Paralympic Sled Hockey Weekend in Houston.


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Watch the Video - “Great American Passtimes - Sled Hockey

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